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Tudor History Quiz – 11 June

This week's Sunday fun is a general Tudor history quiz so grab that coffee, get comfortable and let's exercise that brain of yours! Good luck!

Tudor History Quiz - 11 June 2017

Q1) In which year did Anne of Cleves, fourth wife of Henry VIII, die?





Q2) What was St Paul's Cross (Powles Crosse)?

A cross on a church

A marker to remember St Paul

An open-air pulpit

A cross-roads in London

Q3) After the death of Queen Mary I of England her husband Philip II of Spain remarried - who was his next wife (third wife)?

Anne of Austria

Elizabeth of Valois

Maria Manuela

Catherine de' Medici

Q4) This man was Archbishop of York when Elizabeth I came to the throne in 1558.

John Piers

Nicholas Heath

Matthew Hutton

Edwyn Sandys

Q5) Which Pope issued the bull "Regnans in Excelsis", which excommunicated Queen Elizabeth I from the Roman Catholic Church?

Pope Gregory VIII

Pope Paul III

Pope Clement VIII

Pope Pius V

Q6) Which of the following men did not hold the title Earl of Warwick?

Edward Plantagenet

Richard Rich

Thomas Grey

John Dudley

Q7) Which of the following men was not a son of Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury?

Sir Richard Pole

Geoffrey Pole

Henry Pole

Reginald Pole

Q8) Which earldom was granted to Henry Brandon, son of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, and Mary Tudor, Queen of France, in 1525?





Q9) In whose reign did Margaret Douglas, Henry VIII's niece and the Countess of Lennox, die?

Elizabeth I's

James I's

Mary I's

Edward VI's

Q10) Cardinal Thomas Wolsey came from this English town.





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Tudor History Quiz – 11 June