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Tudor History Quiz – 18 June

Yes, it's Sunday already! How time flies! Grab your favourite beverage and a yummy snack, get comfortable and have some fun with this little Tudor history quiz. It'll get those brain cells working!

Tudor History Quiz - 18 June 2017

Q1) Which of the following titles did Thomas Howard (1473-1554) not hold?

Lord Deputy of Ireland

Duke of Norfolk

Earl of Norfolk

Earl of Surrey

Q2) What was the Prebendaries Plot?

A plot to place Lady Jane Grey on the throne

An attempt to arrest and imprison Thomas Cranmer

A plan by Thomas Seymour to kidnap Edward VI

A plot to remove Cardinal Wolsey from office

Q3) In which year was the Queen's Safety Act created?





Q4) This man was a printer, dramatist, businessman, Protestant activist and brother-in-law of Sir Thomas More.

William Roper

John Rastell

William Rastell

John Middleton

Q5) The Court of Requests was also known as...

The Court of Poor Men's Causes

The Court of Subjects' Requests

The Court of Wards' Freedoms

The Court of Free People

Q6) True or false: The Cornish Rebellion led by Michael An Gof took place in Edward VI's reign.



Q7) This Lady was the inspiration for "Stella" in Sir Philip Sidney's cycle of love sonnets.

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Penelope Rich

Genevieve Fitzwilliam

Elizabeth Throckmorton

Q8) True or false: Pretender Lambert Simnel was executed in 1487 after claiming to be the Earl of Warwick.



Q9) Which of the following men died of natural causes?

Perkin Warbeck

David Rizzio

Thomas Boleyn

Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley

Q10) In which year did the Battle of Carberry Hill take place?





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Tudor History Quiz – 18 June