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Tudor Executions Quiz Part 2

Today we have the second and final part of our Tudor executions quiz. How much do you know about the people executed in the reigns of the Tudor monarchs? Test your knowledge with this fun quiz. Good luck!

Tudor Executions 2

Q1) Jane Boleyn, Lady Rochford, was executed in 1542 for treason, for helping Catherine Howard to meet with Thomas Culpeper, but what was unusual about her execution?

The place of execution was changed at the last minute

A new law had to be introduced to allow her execution to go ahead

Her execution kept being postponed

She escaped from the executioner and had to be caught

Q2) Where were Thomas Culpeper and Francis Dereham executed in December 1541 after being found guilty of treason for their relationships with Queen Catherine Howard?



Tower Hill

Within the Tower of London's confines

Q3) In which year were Edmund Dudley and Richard Empson executed?





Q4) Leonard Grey, Viscount Graney, was executed for high treason in 1541 after allegedly ................

Committing "buggery"

Helping his nephew escape to France

Plotting to kill the King

Leaving his post in Ireland without the King's permission

Q5) How old was Mary, Queen of Scots, at her execution on 8th February 1587?





Q6) According to accounts of her execution, how many blows of the axe did it take to cut off the head of Mary, Queen of Scots?





Q7) Lady Jane Grey's father's execution took place nearly a month before his daughter's execution - true or false?



Q8) In whose reign was Edmund Campion executed?

Mary I's

Henry VIII's

Elizabeth I's

Edward VI's

Q9) Why was William Thomas, scholar and clerk of Edward VI's Privy Council, executed in Mary I's reign?

For his involvement in Wyatt's Rebellion

For his role in putting Lady Jane Grey on the throne

For his Protestant views

For murdering his wife

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Tudor Executions Quiz Part 2