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Thomas Seymour Quiz

Thank you to Rebecca Larson, our new quiz writer, for this quiz on Thomas Seymour. Test your knowledge of this fascinating Tudor man with this fun quiz.

Thomas Seymour Quiz

Q1) On 16th January 1549, Thomas Seymour allegedly broke into Edward VI’s apartment in which location?

Whitehall Palace

Hampton Court Palace

Tower of London

St James's Palace

Q2) In 1548, Thomas Seymour purchased the wardship of this lady…

Elizabeth Tudor

Jane Grey

Margaret Douglas

Mary Howard

Q3) After the death of King Henry VIII, Thomas Seymour was elevated to Baron Seymour of….





Q4) Thomas Seymour allegedly proposed marriage to this person and she declined the offer…

Anne Parr

Elizabeth Tudor

Jane Grey

Margaret Shelton

Q5) The Duke of Norfolk proposed a marriage between his daughter, Mary Howard, and Thomas Seymour, however, the marriage did not happen because of this person…

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey

Henry VIII

Edward Seymour, Earl of Hertford

Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk

Q6) Thomas Seymour’s father’s name was…

Sir Henry Seymour

Sir Thomas Seymour

Sir John Seymour

Sir Charles Seymour

Q7) Thomas Seymour’s sister Elizabeth also married well, who was her most notable husband?

Hans Holbein

Gregory Cromwell

Henry Howard

Francis Bryan

Q8) When Thomas Seymour married Catherine Parr he was her _____ husband.





Q9) Thomas Seymour had another brother besides Edward that we do not hear much about and who outlived both of them, what was his name?

Henry Seymour

William Seymour

Charles Seymour

Francis Seymour

Q10) Thomas Seymour had a daughter with Catherine Parr, what was her name?





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Thomas Seymour Quiz