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Tudor Executions Quiz Part 1

Test your knowledge of Tudor executions with this fun quiz:

Tudor Executions

Q1) In whose reign was it said that 72,000 people were executed?

Henry VIII

Mary I

Elizabeth I

Henry VII

Q2) Who is Chapuys talking about when he says "as the ordinary executor of justice was absent doing his work in the North, a wretched and blundering youth (garçonneau) was chosen, who literally hacked [...] head and shoulders to pieces in the most pitiful manner."

Thomas Cromwell

George Boleyn

Margaret Pole

Thomas More

Q3) Who was saved from execution by the death of Henry VIII on 28th January 1547?

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey

Agnes Tylney, Dowager Duchess of Norfolk

Margaret Douglas

Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk

Q4) How many men were executed with George Boleyn, Lord Rochford, on 17th May 1536?





Q5) Who had to be carried to his/her execution in 1546 because s/he had been so badly racked?

Anne Askew

John Lascelles

Mark Smeaton

Robert Aske

Q6) Who is known as the first Protestant martyr of Mary I's reign?

John Hooper

Rowland Taylor

Nicholas Ridley

John Rogers

Q7) In which year was Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex and former favourite of Elizabeth I, executed?





Q8) True of false - During his reign, two of Edward VI's maternal uncles were executed by beheading.



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  1. S

    Dear Claire,

    on a trip to the Tower of London a couple of years ago I noticed at the site of the scaffold on Tower Hill, where they have the lists of names of those executed,
    neither George Boleyn, nor Sir Henry Norris, William Brereton, Sir Francis Weston or Mark Smeaton’s names were listed.

    Having just done this quiz, which I scored 7 out of 8 which I was pleased with, I thought I would ask you my question about the names of those 5 men missing from the lists to see if, whilst doing your research, you had any idea why?

    I realise that there were many more men executed than the names appearing on the lists but am surprised to see that Sir Thomas Moore executed 1535 is there and the one after him is Thomas Darcy 1537 – nothing for 1536.



    1. C - Post Author

      Hi Sandra,
      I don’t know how they chose the names to put on the scaffold memorial tablets as there are so many missing and, yes, George and the other men are not named on there. It saddens me that they are forgotten in this way, but then so are lots of others.

      Well done on your score!

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Tudor Executions Quiz Part 1