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Tudor couples and lovers

As we've had Valentine's Day this week, I thought I'd test your knowledge of some famous Tudor couples and lovers. Good luck!

Tudor couples and lovers

Q1) In 1534, Mary Boleyn turned up at the royal court pregnant. She announced to her sister, Queen Anne Boleyn, that she had got married in secret. Who was the groom?

William Carey

William Stafford

Francis Knollys

Henry Carey

Q2) Elizabeth (Bess) Throckmorton secretly married this man, leading to their disfavour. When he died, she is said to have carried his head around in a bag. Who was he?

Sir Francis Drake

Sir John Hawkins

Sir Walter Raleigh

Sir John Harington

Q3) This woman was the mother of explorer Sir Robert Dudley, who was fathered by Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester.

Lettice Knollys

Frances Devereux

Amy Robsart

Douglas Sheffield

Q4) Mary Boleyn's daughter, Catherine Carey, married this man and had a long and happy marriage to him.

Sir Francis Knollys

Sir Francis Walsingham

William Stafford

Robert Devereux

Q5) Philip Sidney was in love with this woman, and she inspired his Astrophel and Stella, but she married someone else.

Frances Walsingham

Mary Dudley

Elizabeth Knollys

Penelope Devereux

Q6) True or false: Catherine Howard was involved with Thomas Culpeper before her marriage to Henry VIII?



Q7) Mildred Cooke was William Cecil's second wife, and they had a long and happy marriage, but who was his first wife?

Anne Morgan

Anne Stanley

Mary Cheke

Elizabeth Carew

Q8) Henry VIII married Anne Boleyn on 25th January 1533, but Edward Hall states that there was an earlier marriage in 1532 - what date?

12 November

14 November

11 October

2 December

Q9) For how long were Henry VII and Elizabeth of York married?

17 years

24 years

15 years

22 years

Q10) Catherine Willoughby married Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, in 1533, but who is she said to have been betrothed to before this marriage?

Charles Brandon, Suffolk's son

Henry Fitzroy, Henry VIII's son

Sir Francis Bryan

Henry Brandon, Suffolk's son

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  1. R

    High just noticed you have put that Mildred was the first wife of William Cecil but who was his first wife?

    1. C - Post Author

      Thank you! Yes, it should say that she was his second wife, but who was his first wife… The answer is correct though, Phew!

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Tudor couples and lovers