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Thomas Seymour: A sexual predator?

In today's Claire Chats, Claire considers the primary source evidence for Thomas Seymour's behaviour with Elizabeth, the future Elizabeth I, between 1547 and 1549.

Primary Sources

You can read the confessions and statements of John Harington, Thomas Parry, Katherine Ashley and Elizabeth herself in A Collection of State Papers relating to Affairs In the Reigns of King Henry VIII, King Edward VI, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth From the year 1542 to 1570 edited by Samuel Haynes at from page 93 to 103.

Thomas Seymour's proposal to Elizabeth I and her reply are in Historia Overo Vita Di Elisabetta, Regina D'Inghilterra, Detta Per Sopranome la Comediante Politica by Gregorio Leti, although in Italian! See p. 169-172 at

Thomas Seymour's proposal to Mary is mentioned in 'Spain: February 1549', in a letter from Van der Delft to the Emperor in Calendar of State Papers, Spain, Volume 9, 1547-1549, ed. Martin A S Hume and Royall Tyler (London, 1912), pp. 335-347 -

Other Sources and Further Reading

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