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Did Edward VI really pluck and kill a falcon?

This week's Claire Chats video talk was inspired by an "ask the expert" question we received from Tudor Society member Elizabeth and her son Joseph. Elizabeth's full question was "My son was reading up on Edward VI and came across this story and wondered if it was true. I said that you would know! Simon Renard, the Imperial Ambassador, reported that Edward had plucked a falcon which he had kept in his private chamber and had torn it into 4 pieces saying as he did so that he likened himself to a falcon whom everyone plucked but that he would pluck them too and tear them into 4 parts. We wondered if this was a true story."

It's an interesting question and one I wanted to dig deeper into it.

Edward's speech to his bishops can be found at, bottom of page ccxxviii to top of page ccxxx.

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  1. M

    What a fascinating chat! Thank you Elizabeth and Joseph for a great question – and thank you Claire for your impeccable research (as always) and informative response.

    1. C - Post Author

      Thanks, Mary, and, yes, it was a great question.

  2. L

    I’m looking at this through a 21st century prism, and I have no clue what it would be like to be a 13 year old Tudor king, but plucking and tearing apart a falcon, if true, is to me something an immature, sadistic boy having a temper tantrum would do. Intelligence does not always equate with maturity. If this story were true, I’d wonder if he got the blood-thirsty genes from his father. I’m a fan of Claire’s and have become a fan of the Tudor era, but have never been a fan of Henry VIII for several reasons. Sorry.

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Did Edward VI really pluck and kill a falcon?