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The Life and Death of Cardinal Wolsey

We've been contacted by the lovely John Greenman who has set his life to creating "pro bono" volunteer recordings of public domain works. He let us know that he has recently completed a recording of the book "The Life and Death of Cardinal Wolsey" written by George Cavendish. George Cavendish was born in 1497 and died around 1562. His work in recording the events around Wolsey is vital to a knowledge of the Tudors, do you know what happened to Thomas Wolsey?

A huge thank-you from the whole of the Tudor Society community to John Greenman for his hard work and effort in recording this book and bringing it to the masses.

You can hear the audiobook here


You can see the audio book details here


And you can read along with The Life and Death of Cardinal Wolsey


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The Life and Death of Cardinal Wolsey