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The Anne Boleyn Experience 2020

As you probably know by now, I like nothing better than talking Tudor so being the resident historian and co-leader of Tudor history tours is just up my street - talking Tudor from dawn to dusk, well, actually well into the early hours!

In this video, I invite you to join me and Philippa at Hever Castle, the family home of the Boleyn family, on the Anne Boleyn Experience 2020. Yes, we actually stay at Hever - bliss! Philippa and I have so much in store for you, so let me tell you all about it. I'm quite literally counting the days (and probably the hours too)!

I forgot to say that there isn't going to be an Anne Boleyn Experience in 2021, so if you definitely want to do it then please consider 2020.

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Next year's tours are:

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