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A couple of Tudor treats

As it's nearing our 5-year anniversary, here at the Tudor Society, as well as working hard on the special anniversary edition of Tudor Life Magazine (an extra edition) for you, I'm also offering these two Tudor treats. I hope you enjoy them.

Click HERE for a full transcript of the video.

(Contains the link mentioned in the video)

Here are the links to download "Tudor Places of Great Britain" by Claire Ridgway

→ Kindle Version of "Tudor Places of Great Britain"

→ Other e-reader version of "Tudor Places of Great Britain"

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  1. M

    Thank you, Claire! Beautiful photos in the book! Happy anniversary!!!!

  2. R

    Thanks for your beautiful e book and entertaining video.

    Did you know it’s still the law that one “cannot travel along the King’s highway” on Christmas Day except on foot? The Book of Old English Laws says this has never been repealed. In fact hundreds of obscure laws lay dormant on the Statute Book, although they are unlikely to be enforced.

    I am imagining King Henry playing the bagpipes.😂😂😂. Oh boy!

    1. C - Post Author

      Perhaps I should go through all of the laws and we could try a few out!

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A couple of Tudor treats