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Charles Brandon, a Tudor knight – Tony Riches – Expert Talk

In this month's expert talk we have Tony Riches, author of "Brandon, Tudor Knight" talking about this fascinating Tudor character.

Here's this month's talk - it's an audio recording so just click on play...

Here's a quick video from Tony about his book...


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  1. M

    Thank you for an amazing talk about Charles Brandon. So interesting. I will look for your books. Michelle t

  2. R

    Mary Tudor knew what she was doing, she played on Brandon as a knight and wept and played the damsel in distress. Of course he rescued her and married her and probably loved her as well.

    Thank you for your wonderful talk. Charles was Henry’s best bud but he always seems to me as if he could charm himself out of anything. He was a ladies man but also an ambitious gallant and he was a brilliant jouster. He is sometimes said to be a bit of a brainless rogue, but he had enough brains to get something right as he kept his head, right up to the end of his and in fact near the end of Henry’s life.

    I think Henry actually enjoyed the whole thing around Mary and Brandon getting married and being bound to him as he forgave them but they were in debt for the rest of their lives. Brandon was caught in the middle of Henry Anne and Mary. Not an easy thing for him. I admire Brandon because he really does stand by Henry, he really was a true King’s knight and King’s man and loyalty despite everything Henry did in his later life. Brandon was given a grand funeral by Henry at Windsor.
    Thanks again.

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Charles Brandon, a Tudor knight – Tony Riches – Expert Talk