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Teasel’s Tudor Trivia – 16 December – The Mary Rose’s dog

Teasel made sure that the topic turned back to dogs today!

In today's edition of Teasel's Tudor Trivia, Teasel and I introduce Hatch, the Mary Rose's dog, and explain what is known about him and what he was doing on board Henry VIII's favourite flagship.

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  1. R

    Hi Teasle and your assistant Claire, thanks for the tale, although it’s sad of Hatch the Mary Rose dog. Saw the little skeleton and reconstruction at the Museum when we went. Sweet. Cheers.
    I don’t like rats at all, can’t even watch them on the TV, so spent ten minutes of the third Indiana Jones film with my eyes closed.
    My friend, whose birthday is today, from school, who sadly I lost contact with mysteriously a few years ago, had an entire menagerie, including two white rats and one little brown mouse. Now white rats are domesticated so are very different. I held the mouse, but not rats. She also had four cats and three dogs and two buggies. I went to help her caring for them. I had the more sensible amount of one cat, one buggie and three fish.

    Interesting story, especially about the DNA, but ah, poor doggie.😢

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Teasel’s Tudor Trivia – 16 December – The Mary Rose’s dog