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Teasel’s Tudor Trivia – 15 December – Tudor Haircare

Teasel is keeping her black and tan fur lovely and glossy and it made her wonder how Tudor people cared for their hair.

Did the Tudors wash their hair? Did the Tudors use shampoo?

Teasel and I explain what we know about Tudor haircare and how the Tudors kept their hair clean in today's "Teasel's Tudor Trivia".

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  1. R

    Yes, when we went to Mary Arden farm the ladies acting as Tudors didn’t wash their hair, but combed it and covered it. I remember the Ruth Goodman video. It does work. I use a duel spiked comb, narrow and wide and it’s amazing how it does freshen up your hair if you are going out without time to wash it. A bit of coconut oil and rose and a good comb up into a bun and off you go, use two slides to decorate. I wash in neem and tea tree.

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Teasel’s Tudor Trivia – 15 December – Tudor Haircare