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Plantagenet and Tudor Consorts Quiz

This week's quiz tests your knowledge of the consorts of Plantagenet and Tudor monarchs - good luck!

Plantagenet and Tudor Consorts

Q1) Henry III's unpopular queen consort was pelted with stones, rotten eggs and vegetables, and mud by Londoners as she travelled by barge under London Bridge - who was she?

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Eleanor of Provence

Eleanor of Castile

Margaret of France

Q2) How many consorts of England were there in the Tudor period?





Q3) Edward IV was Elizabeth Woodville's second husband, who was her first husband?

Richard Woodville

Thomas Grey

Richard Grey

John Grey

Q4) Henry VII's queen consort was from which royal house?

House of Lancaster

House of York

Q5) Anne Neville was the consort of which king?

Richard II

Richard III

Henry V

Henry VI

Q6) Who was the consort of Henry VI?

Margaret of Austria

Margaret of Anjou

Margaret of Angoulême

Margaret Beaufort

Q7) Henry V's wife married again after his death, who did she marry?

Jasper Tudor

Edmund Tudor

Edmund Beaufort

Owen Tudor

Q8) How many of his wives outlived Henry VIII?





Q9) Mary I's consort was Philip II of Spain. Counting Mary, how many times was he married in total?





Q10) Which king was married to Isabella of France who has gone down in history as "the She-Wolf of France"?

Edward I

Edward II

Edward III

Richard II

Q11) Who was Eleanor of Aquitaine married to before she married Henry II?

Louis VI of France

Philip II of France

Louis VII of France

Louis VIII of France

Q12) On what date were Lady Jane Grey, or Queen Jane, and her husband Guildford Dudley executed?

13 February 1554

12 February 1553

13 February 1553

12 February 1554

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    Good quiz though I often get confused with the Plantanganets!!!!

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Plantagenet and Tudor Consorts Quiz