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How much do you know about the castles used by the Tudors? Test your knowledge with this fun quiz.


Q1) In which Welsh castle was Henry VII born in 1457?





Q2) To which castle did Robert Dudley add a gatehouse, state apartments and pleasure grounds to in order to impress Elizabeth I on her visit there in 1575?

Dudley Castle

Warwick Castle

Sudeley Castle

Kenilworth Castle

Q3) What are "device forts"?

Artillery fortifications built to defend the south coast from invasion

Castles displaying Henry VIII's device

Manor houses with licences to crenellate

Castles with rectangular keeps

Q4) From which castle did Mary, Queen of Scots escape in 1568?




Loch Leven

Q5) In which castle built by Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham, did Henry VIII stay with Anne Boleyn in 1535?

Leeds Castle

Thornbury Castle

Hever Castle

Deal Castle

Q6) In which castle did Catherine Parr die in 1548?

Berkeley Castle

Windsor Castle

Herstmonceux Castle

Sudeley Castle

Q7) In which English county is Windsor Castle?





Q8) Who built the White Tower of the Tower of London?

Richard the Lionheart

King John

William the Conqueror

Henry II

Q9) In which castle did Arthur, Prince of Wales, die in 1502?

Ludlow Castle

Pembroke Castle

Chepstow Castle

Monmouth Castle

Q10) Which castle was besieged during the Pilgrimage of Grace and was also the setting of alleged secret meetings between Catherine Howard and Thomas Culpeper in 1541?

Lincoln Castle

York Castle

Skipton Castle

Pontefract Castle

Q11) Which castle was besieged by Thomas Wyatt the Younger and his rebels during Wyatt's Rebellion in 1554?

Maidstone Castle

Cooling Castle

Allington Castle

Leeds Castle

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