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Tudor Laws Quiz

A fun quiz on laws passed during the Tudor era. Good luck!

Tudor Laws

Q1) According to a law of 1571, what did men and boys have to wear on Sundays and feast days?

A cloak

A woollen cap

A hair shirt

A flower pinned to their doublet

Q2) In 1531, Parliament passed an act to expel the "outlandish people calling themselves Egyptians", who was this act actually referring to?

The Romani

The Moors


All immigrants

Q3) In which year was the first act against witchcraft passed?





Q4) Which playwright and headmaster of Eton College was charged with violation of the 1533 Buggery Act, for allegedly sexually abusing his students, but managed to escape execution and was imprisoned instead?

John Donne

Edward de Vere

John Lyly

Nicholas Udall

Q5) According to the 1536 Act for Punishment of Sturdy Vagabonds and Beggars, what was the punishment for those caught outside of their parish without work a second time?


The removal of one ear

The stocks


Q6) The Unlawful Games Act of 1541 was passed to protect which sport?





Q7) What punishment was imposed for poisoners by the 1530 Poisoning Act?

Hanging, drawing and quartering




Q8) The Tudor Sumptuary Laws prohibited the wearing of fur of "jenets" (or genets) or "luzernes" for anyone lower than "barons and Knights of their order", but what were jenets and luzernes?

Martens and stoats

Weasels and stoats

Civets and lynx

Stoats and mink

Q9) Who was commanded to leave the country within 40 days unless they swore an oath to obey the Queen by an act of 1584?



Roman Catholic Priests

Roman Catholics

Q10) According to the Holy Days and Fasting Days Act of 1551 what did citizens have to do at Christmas?

Eat goose

Walk to church

Give to the poor

Avoid gambling

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Tudor Laws Quiz