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Medieval and Tudor Jobs Quiz

How much do you know about the professions of medieval and Tudor people? Test your knowledge with this fun quiz.

Medieval and Tudor jobs

Q1) One awful job in medieval and Tudor times was that of the executioner. What did the executioner have to do to heads to keep crows off them when they were put on spikes?

Parboil the heads with cumin seed and salt

Remove the eyes and brains

Cover the heads with netting

Remove the brains and fill with herbs

Q2) What was another name for a "turnbrooch"?





Q3) Which medieval/Tudor craftsman was involved in embalming dead bodies?

The butcher

The apothecary

The chandler

The cordwainer

Q4) What did a cordwainer make?


Ribbons and cords



Q5) The ewerer was an office in a nobleman's household, what was he responsible for?

The pantry, where dried goods were kept

The basins of warm water used for washing hands before a meal

Serving the wine at mealtimes

The tablecloths, napkins and towels

Q6) A metalworker who made small iron objects like bits, spurs and stirrups was known as a ......................





Q7) What did a "cooper" make?



Small wooden objects


Q8) Who was responsible for feathering arrow shafts for long bow arrows?

A bowyer

A fletcher

A featherer

A harker

Q9) Who was responsible for wiping the King's bottom?

The Groom of the Stool

The Lord Chamberlain

The Valet de Chambre

The Sewer

Q10) In a noble or royal household in the medieval era the marshal was originally in charge of the marshalsea, but what was the "marshalsea"?

The pantry

The kitchen

The garden

Anything to do with horses or travel.

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  1. L

    I would like to add another question for you all.
    Q: What is a Gong farmer/fermer?

    1. C - Post Author

      I know! I know!

  2. D

    Is it…someone who went around collecting human waste (being polite here!!) and selling it on for fertilizer?

    1. L

      Quite right Dawn, this poor bloke would only be allowed to clean out the jakes during the hours of darkness, and was made to live outside, the city or village, and was shunned by others.

      1. D

        I can kind of understand those sentiments though can’t you, haha. I don’t think the ‘s*** shoveller’, as apparently they came to be known as, throughout the ages got appreciated did they. Even when there were so called toilets in the backyards, before flushing ones that is, and they shovelled it out from a lift up hatch on the back wall. But they do say ‘where there’s muck, there’s money’ lol.
        Our springer is called Jake, appropriate name for him at times, as he can be a little **** when the mood takes him 😊

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Medieval and Tudor Jobs Quiz