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Mary Tudor, Queen of France, Quiz

How much do you know about Mary Tudor, Queen of France, daughter of Henry VII and sister of Henry VIII? Test those little grey cells over your morning coffee with this fun quiz.

Mary Tudor, Queen of France, Quiz

Q1) True or False? Mary was older than her brother Henry VIII...



Q2) Who was Mary's first husband?

Manuel I, King of Portugal

Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk

Louis XII, King of France

Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor

Q3) Which of the following was not a descendant of Mary?

Lady Jane Grey

Margaret Douglas

Frances Brandon

Eleanor Clifford

Q4) Which of the following titles did Mary never hold?

Princess of England

Queen of France

Queen of Portugal

Duchess of Suffolk

Q5) What was Lady Jane Grey's relationship to Mary?




Great niece

Q6) Who played the character Margaret (but really Mary), Duchess of Suffolk, in "The Tudors" TV series on Showtime?

Marion Davis

Gabrielle Anwar

Natalie Dormer

Maria Doyle Kennedy

Q7) Mary had several children with Charles, Duke of Suffolk, which of the following was not one of their children?

Elizabeth Cromwell

Frances Grey

Eleanor Brandon

Henry Brandon

Q8) In which year did Mary die?





Q9) Where is Mary buried?


Bury St Edmunds



Q10) How long was Mary married to Charles Brandon?

20 years

16 years

18 years

22 years

Q11) What was the approximate age difference between Mary and Charles Brandon?

12 years

20 years

34 years

17 years

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  1. R

    Please note, Princess Mary Rose Tudor Brandon did not die on 25th January 1533, but 25th June 1533. She was still alive at the time of Anne Boleyns coronation and Charles, although Lord High Constable for the day left soon afterwards as Mary was dying.

    1. C - Post Author

      Sorry, typo! It’s fixed now. Thanks for spotting that.

  2. R

    Your welcome, Claire. I love Mary Rose Tudor, she is one of my favourite characters.

  3. E

    I have just done the Mary Tudor quiz (although I know it has been out for 7 months!) and it was such fun. I love how you can check the answers straight away, and I love all the extra information given with the answer. Thank you for a lovely, enjoyable quiz.

    1. C - Post Author

      I’m glad you enjoy the quizzes, Elizabeth, and thank you for the feedback.

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Mary Tudor, Queen of France, Quiz