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Mottoes Quiz

How much do you know about the mottoes of monarchs and their consorts? Test yourself with this fun quiz.

Mottoes Quiz

Q1) Which queen consort's motto was, "To Be Useful in All I Do"?

Katherine of Aragon

Elizabeth of York

Anne of Cleves

Katherine Parr

Q2) Which of these was Katherine of Aragon's motto?

Bound to obey and serve

Humble and loyal

Always the same

No other will than his

Q3) Before Elizabeth of York married Henry VII her motto was "Without Changing" (sans removyr) but once married she changed it to this.......

God send me well to keep

Truth, the daughter of Time

The most happy

Humble and reverent

Q4) This queen consort's motto was "No Other Will Than His"...

Elizabeth Woodville

Anne Boleyn

Katherine Howard

Anne of Cleves

Q5) Which king's motto was "Loyaulte me lie", or Loyalty binds me?

Henry VII

Henry VIII

Edward VI

Richard III

Q6) Anne Boleyn had two mottos, one was "The Most Happy", what was the other?

Queen of Queens

Grumble All You Like, This is How it's Going to Be

Mother to All

Spes mea in Deo est

Q7) Which monarch's motto was "Always the Same"?

Elizabeth I

Mary I

Edward VI

Lady Jane Grey

Q8) The motto "In the end is my beginning" is linked to which queen?

Mary I

Elizabeth I

Claude of France

Mary, Queen of Scots

Q9) Who made use of the motto "Veritas filia temporis", or Truth, the Daughter of Time?

Henry VII

Lady Jane Grey

Mary I

Marie de Guise

Q10) Two of these mottoes were used by Edward IV - which ones?

Modus et ordo (method and order)

Nulle la vault (nothing is worth it)

Une sanz pluis (one and no more)

Comfort et liesse (comfort and joy)

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  1. L

    Elizabeth 1st had a political motto as well which was “video et taceo.”. Basic translation is “I see all and say nothing” Actually this seems to sum Elizabeth up very well, whatever she saw as a child or in the wilderness years before she became Queen must have played a big part in her life.

  2. D

    Really? Mary I used “Truth, the daughter of time”??? That’s straight out of Aulus Gellius’ _Attic Nights_ (Aulus Gellius was an author of the ancient Roman Empire who is relatively unknown these days since classic antiquity is out of vogue these days). Of course the expression got a lot of common currency because of Josephine Tey’s _Daughter of Time_ murder mystery book about the princes in the Tower (what? You hadn’t figured out I’m a Richardian yet?). I confess, I was guessing on this one…but Mary used it? Awesome. I guess she read Aulus Gellius at some point in her education.

    1. C - Post Author

      Here’s a link to a photo of the arms of Philip and Mary at Windsor Castle which has the motto on it – Yes, I remember that Tey book.

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Mottoes Quiz