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March 2022 – Tudor Murders

Tudor Murders - what an interesting theme we have for you in this month's magazine. Murder is always a gruesome but fascinating topic and this magazine doesn't disappoint!

This month's magazine includes

  • Christopher Marlowe and his violent death by Claire Ridgway
  • Singing of Murderous Wives by Jane Moulder
  • Two Murders in Tudor Ireland by Gareth Russell
  • Members’ Bulletin by Tim Ridgway
  • Threads of Burning Gold by Elizabeth Jane Timms
  • The King’s Painter by Franny Moyle
  • Mary Queen of Scots and the Babington Plot by Roland Hui
  • Hampton Court Palace Artisan Festival by Hampton Court
  • Tudor Chain Words quiz by Tim Ridgway
  • Anne Boleyn: A Judicial Murder by Gayle Hulme
  • Editor’s Picks by Gareth Russell
  • The Assassination of Robert Pakington, MP by Susan Abernethy
  • Going to the Loo in Tudor Times by Toni Mount
  • The Tudors in Love | Sudeley Castle: Royalty, Romance & Revival reviews by Charlie Fenton
  • Keeping warm in Tudor times by Brigitte Webster

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March 2022 – Tudor Murders