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February 2022 – Protestantism in the Tudor Age

IT'S OUR 90th EDITION! How amazing is that!!!

This month's magazine is themed on the Protestant faith which emerged during the Tudor period. It's yet another amazing magazine and we know you'll enjoy it.

This month's magazine includes

  • Evangelicals, Politics and Obedience in Tudor England by Susan Abernethy
  • Religion in the Reign of Henry VIII by Roland Hui
  • The Protestant Castilians & The Siege of St Andrew’s by Gayle Hulme
  • Quiz - Classic Words by Tim Ridgway
  • The Protestants of Calais by Sarah-Beth Watkins
  • Guest Speaker for February is Sarah Gristwood
  • Four Portraits of Queen Elizabeth I by Ece Karadag
  • Parish Church Music in Pre-Reformation Tudor England by Jane Moulder
  • The Lost Prince Henry Tudor by Elizabeth Jane Timms
  • Protestantism and Women of the Royal Court by Gareth Russell
  • Rodrigo Lopez, aka Roger Lopes, the Queen’s Physician – A Cautionary Tale by Toni Mount
  • The King’s Painter: The Life of Hans Holbein | The York Princesses: The Daughters of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville book reviews by Charlie Fenton
  • The Winners of the “Columbian” Exchange in Tudor England by Brigitte Webster

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February 2022 – Protestantism in the Tudor Age