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April 2022 – Chief Ministers

Who were the chief ministers in the Tudor period? What influence did they have over the people around them and the country as a whole? In this packed magazine edition, we'll find out...

This month's magazine includes

  • William Cecil - the private life of England's greatest statesman by David Lee
  • The Life of a Musicioner by Jane Moulder
  • Chief Ministers to the Tudors - Walsingham by Gayle Hulme
  • Scrambled Dates and Events - Quiz by Tim Ridgway
  • Thomas Cromwell – Valuable Public Servant to King Henry VIII by Susan Abernethy
  • Wolsey’s Lost Tomb by Elizabeth J Timms
  • Stephen Gardiner - Bishop and Lord Chancellor by Roland Hui
  • Life and Death in Tudor Bishopsgate in the City of London by Toni Mount
  • Elizabeth and Mary: Royal Cousins, Rival Queens | Woodsmoke and Sage Book reviews by Charlie Fenton
  • A Tudor house’s worst enemies by Brigitte Webster

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  1. M

    Thank you! Looking forward to reading the article on Wolsey’s lost tomb, as I was wondering about where he is recently. Michelle t

  2. T

    Thank you! I can read the whole magazine in one sitting, it is so interesting! Thank you again Claire, Tim and all the contributors. You guys are awesome! God 🙌 bless!

  3. M

    This magazine edition seems like a fascinating dive into the chief ministers of the Tudor period and their influence on England during that time. It covers a wide range of topics related to this historical era, from the private life of William Cecil to the role of Thomas Cromwell in King Henry VIII’s court. Here is best writing tips. The inclusion of quizzes and book reviews adds an interesting touch. Looking forward to reading it!

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April 2022 – Chief Ministers