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Lettice Knollys and Robert Dudley Quiz

Grab your favourite beverage and snack, get your thinking cap on, make yourself comfortable and test your knowledge of this famous Tudor couple with our Sunday quiz. Good luck!

Lettice Knollys and Robert Dudley Quiz

Q1) In 1586, Queen Elizabeth sent an irate letter to Dudley because he did this without permission?

Had a relationship with Lady Douglas Sheffield

Married Lettice Knollys

Left court

Accepted the position of Governor General of the United Provinces

Q2) True or False: Lettice Knollys and Robert Dudley never had children?



Q3) Which of the following men was NOT married to Lettice Knollys?

Robert Dudley

Walter Devereux

Christopher Blount

Thomas Heneage

Q4) TWO of Lettice's children married without permission - who were they?

Penelope Devereux

Dorothy Devereux

Robert Devereux

Francis Devereux

Q5) Many of those who knew Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, would go to Kenilworth to do the following:


Meet their mistresses


Play tennis

Q6) In 1598, Queen Elizabeth was finally open to giving Lettice an audience (she had previously banished her for marrying Robert Dudley) - who eventually convinced her to do so?

Penelope Devereux

Robert Devereux

Walter Raleigh

Francis Knollys

Q7) What was significant about the third husband of Lettice Knollys, Christopher Blount?

He had been married five times

He was a twin

He was missing his right arm

He was a Catholic

Q8) "The Great Cause" was led by Robin Sheffield, what was it about?

He wanted to be named Elizabeth I's heir

It was a Catholic rebellion against Elizabeth I

He claimed that he was the legitimate son and heir of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester

He wished to marry without the Queen's consent

Q9) What was the age difference between Queen Elizabeth and Lettice Knollys?

They were the same age

5 years

10 years

15 years

Q10) How old was Lettice Knollys when she died?





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Lettice Knollys and Robert Dudley Quiz