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Lady Jane Grey is a hot topic at the moment with Helen Castor's programme having recently aired in the UK. I thought it would be useful for members if I created this list of useful resources to find out more about Queen Jane, who was a fascinating Tudor woman.


Other Resources

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  1. M

    I follow AllThemedDocs on YouTube because she posts the best of BBC that we can’t get in the US. There are obviously some who don’t like it, because she tends to get reported and videos get pulled. I binge watched the Lady Jane and the She Wolves series this past week and thought they were very well done. Thank you AllThemed! I will track you down every time you disappear!

    1. C

      Yes, it’s a good channel. It might well be the TV production company that has them removed due to copyright. Did you see Helen Castor’s Medieval Lives series? That was excellent.

  2. M

    Thank you very much! Every day I discover something exciting. I won the lottery entering Tudor society. Thank you Claire

    1. C

      Aw, thank you!

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Lady Jane Grey Resources