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Lady Jane Grey Quiz

A fun quiz on Lady Jane Grey. I hope you enjoy it and good luck!

Lady Jane Grey

Q1) Lady Jane Grey has gone down in history as "The Nine Days' Queen" but how many days were there actually between her accession and her removal from the throne?





Q2) Lady Jane Grey's maternal grandmother was...

Mary Tudor, Queen of France

Margaret Tudor

Elizabeth Woodville

Margaret Beaufort

Q3) Jane married one of the Dudley brothers in May 1553, which one?

Robert Dudley

Ambrose Dudley

John Dudley

Guildford Dudley

Q4) Who acquired the wardship of Jane in 1548?

Catherine Parr

Edward Seymour

Thomas Seymour

Thomas Cranmer

Q5) Jane acted as chief mourner at whose funeral in 1548?

Catherine Parr's

Henry VIII's

Charles Brandon's

Henry Grey's

Q6) What was the Grey family's home when Jane was growing up?

Bradgate Park

Sheffield Manor Lodge

Coughton Court

Warwick Castle

Q7) How many surviving younger sisters did Jane have?





Q8) Which famous royal tutor claimed that Jane had complained to him about being taunted by her parents with "pinches, nips, and bobs"?

John Cheke

Dr Coxe

Roger Ascham

Jean Belmain

Q9) Jane was beheaded on 12th February 1554 and buried at the Tower's chapel, St Peter ad Vincula, but where was her husband buried?

Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula at the Tower

All Hallows by the Tower

St Sepulchre-without-Newgate

Westminster Abbey

Q10) What was the name of the man who was sent by Mary I to Lady Jane Grey in the Tower to prepare her for her death?

Edmund Bonner

John Christopherson

John Feckenham

Stephen Gardiner

Q11) Jane's father Henry Grey was descended from Elizabeth Woodville - true or false?



Q12) Which rebellion is seen as Jane's downfall in that it caused Mary to executed her?

Wyatt's Rebellion

Kett's Rebellion

Prayer Book Rebellion

Pilgrimage of Grace

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  1. L

    Did better at this quiz than last one and learned a little about Jane, will have to learn more about her, she seems very interesting, an enjoyable quiz

  2. D

    Oooh, must have had a memory brainstorm there….that won’t last long, lol.
    Just love these quizzes I go back and redo them now and then to see if I remembered the ‘correct’ answers!! 🙂

  3. A

    Only 8/12 🙁 I think I need to go away and do some reading 😀

    1. C - Post Author

      That’s not a bad score so don’t worry! I do make them rather tricky.

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Lady Jane Grey Quiz