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July 2016 Tudor Life Magazine

pInterested in the life and reign of Edward VI, the boy king? Well, this magazine is just for you. Edward is often overlooked in a study of the Tudor monarchs as his reign was so short and he died so young. What you'll find is that Edward was a fascinating king, with as many facets as the other monarchs. We love Edward VI, and it's clear that the contributors to this magazine love his reign too.

We also have an incredible exclusive article from Melanie V. Taylor about Tudor artist Levina Teerlinc, who died 440 years ago this year. Melanie makes some fascinating claims about an "unknown lady" portrait, and, as always, Melanie is very convincing in her arguments.

A top quality with 68 pages, this Edward VI edition of Tudor Life is an amazing focus on this Tudor monarch.


  • 440 years of Levina Teerlinc - Melanie V. Taylor
  • The cold brilliance of the boy-king - Gareth Russell
  • The boy-king's influence - Ruth Irwin
  • The boy-king and costume - Emma Taylor
  • The birth of the boy-king - Adrienne Dillard
  • The image of the boy-king - Melanie V. Taylor
  • The music of the boy-king - Jane Moulder
  • Historic Rochester - Melanie V. Taylor
  • Anne Boleyn portrait - Gary Ransom
  • Setting the sallat: Tudor kitchen - Olga Hughes
  • The boy-king quiz
  • Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville - Book review by Charlie Fenton
  • On this day in Tudor history - Claire Ridgway
  • Discover the Mary Rose - Philip Roberts

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    I’ve learned so much about Edward VI from your magazine . He was a Tudor that I didn’t have much interest in but now that’s all changed , a very informative read

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July 2016 Tudor Life Magazine