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June 2 – The ends of a Duke of Norfolk and a rebel

On this day in Tudor history, 2nd June 1572, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, thirty-four-year-old Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk, was beheaded on Tower Hill for high treason.

Norfolk was a Knight of the Garter, he'd served as Earl Marshal and Lord High Steward, he'd presided over Queen Elizabeth I's coronation, so what had led him to this sticky end and how was he involved with Mary, Queen of Scots?

2nd June is also the anniversary of the executions of a rebel leader and his followers. On 2nd June 1537, in Henry VIII's reign, Sir Francis Bigod and two of his fellow rebels were executed at Tyburn.

Why had this reformer rebelled against the king and what had happened?

Find out in this #TudorHistoryShorts...

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June 2 – The ends of a Duke of Norfolk and a rebel