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June 4 – Robert Dudley gets married, and lightning strikes St Paul’s

On this day in Tudor history, 4th June 1550, sweethearts Robert Dudley and Amy Robsart tied the knot at the royal palace of Sheen at Richmond in a service attended by King Edward VI.

This marriage was a love-match, but it lasted just ten years, ending with Amy's death in 1560, a death which is surrounded by controversy.

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And on Wednesday 4th June 1561, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, London was hit by a tremendous thunderstorm.

Fires caused by lightning strikes destroyed one church and damaged St Paul's Cathedral.

Find out more about the storm, how St Paul's was damaged, the reactions to the lightning strike, what Queen Elizabeth I did, and what happened next...

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  1. G

    The death of one of the trio is not without consequences. The Queen was shocked by the behavior of the men in her life and later became the most successful Bride of the State that ever graced the North Atlantic Seas.

    Her opponent in Ireland Grace O’ Malley was graciously received by Her Majesty Elizabeth I some time later and her son was released into Irish care.

    Today Julian Assange is a captive in Her Majesty Elizabeth II and Priti Patel’s prison system. We demand that Mr. Assange be released into the Commonwealth.

    Women and Workers of Britain are the Future of the Commonwealth.

    History will soon see what the British understand about New Departures in Political-Economy and Social Justice.

    The loss of a human being by suicide is possibly an eternal reckoning for the one who succeed.

    With respect and optimism,
    Gavin Bushe

    Women’s Equality Party of Ireland.
    Affiliate of the Women’s Equality Party of the United Kingdom.

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June 4 – Robert Dudley gets married, and lightning strikes St Paul’s