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January 2016 Tudor Life Magazine



It's only when you put together a magazine featuring Elizabeth I that you realize how many portraits of the queen there are, how many different "personalities" she showed, how clever a ruler she was, and how long her reign was. In this issue we've gone all-out to create a wonderfully fascinating view of Elizabeth I, warts and all!

With a giant 40 page special section, and over 80 pages in total, this issue includes:

  • Elizabeth I and her Catholic subjects - Stephanie Mann
  • Elizabeth I in the age of empire - Rebecca Lenaghan
  • Alternative history and the possibilities - Timothy Venning
  • Secret echoes: Tudor portrait discovery - Tara Ball
  • Exploring English Castle - Book review by Charlie Fenton
  • Anne Boleyn's portrait at Hever Castle
  • Lord Leycester's Hospital and Warwick
  • Elizabeth I: Musician and dancer - Jane Moulder
  • Vivat, Vivat, Vivat Regina - Melanie V. Taylor
  • Shaming Queen Elizabeth I - Kyra Kramer
  • The Tudor Kitche - Olga Hughes
  • English stereotypes of the Welsh - Rhiannon Creffield
  • Claire Ridgway

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  1. L

    Hi, another really good magazine . Would it be possible if you could write an article in your magazine about Jane Rochford the lady behind the myths ? I have heard many stories about her but would like to know the real Jane if possible , thanks, lynne

    1. C

      I’m happy to do it but I know Adrienne Dillard is researching Jane at the moment so I’ll have a word with her too. Thanks Lynne!

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January 2016 Tudor Life Magazine