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Jane Seymour Quiz

Jane Seymour was Henry VIII's third wife and the one who managed to give him what he really wanted and needed, a living son, but how much do you know about Jane? Test yourself with this fun quiz. Good luck!

Jane Seymour Quiz

Q1) Jane lived at Wulfhall as a child. In which village was Wulfhall?



East Grafton


Q2) Jane had three surviving brothers and two surviving sisters. What were their names?

Edward, Thomas, George, Anne and Katherine

Edward, Thomas, Henry, Elizabeth and Anne

Edward, Henry, Thomas, Elizabeth and Dorothy

Edward, Thomas, James, Joan and Ruth

Q3) Which of the following events occurred on 19 May 1536? (select all that apply)

Anne Boleyn was executed

A dispensation was issued for a marriage between Henry VIII and Jane Seymour

Katherine of Aragon died at Kimbolton Castle

The Lady Mary Tudor submitted to her father and signed the oath for the Act of Supremacy

Q4) In which of the following palaces did Henry VIII marry Jane?

Hampton Court Palace


Beaulieu Palace

Whitehall Palace

Q5) True or false: Their marriage took place just eleven days after Anne Boleyn's execution?



Q6) Which of the following two creatures was used in Jane's heraldry?





Q7) Which of the following authors has NOT written a book about Jane Seymour?

Elizabeth Norton

David Loades

Claire Ridgway

Janet Wertman

Q8) Which of the following did Henry VIII give Jane as a personal wedding gift?

Two cocker spaniel puppies

A miniature of himself

A palfrey

A golden cup designed by Holbein

Q9) At around what time did Jane give birth to Edward on 12th October 1537?





Q10) What happened in London on 11th October 1537?

There was a solemn procession for the queen

Henry VIII went to pray in St Paul's for his wife's labour

Bonfires were lit to celebrate the fact that she was in labour

Wine flowed through the streets to celebrate the imminent arrival of a royal baby

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Jane Seymour Quiz