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Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder Quiz

How much do you know about Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder, poet and diplomat? Test yourself with this fun quiz. Good luck!

Thomas Wyatt the Elder Quiz

Q1) Thomas Wyatt's father was a courtier in the reigns of Henry VII and Henry VIII, what was his first name?





Q2) It appears that Wyatt pined for Anne Boleyn for several years, but he was married. What was the name of his wife?

Elizabeth Brooke

Anne de Vere

Bessie Blount

Jane Simmons

Q3) In 1526, Thomas undertook his first diplomatic mission abroad with Sir Thomas Cheney. Their mission was to go to France and do what?

Convince Francis I to be an ally to England

See if Francis I would support Henry's Great Matter

Congratulate Francis I on his release from imprisonment by the Emperor

Witness the christening of Francis I's son, Henri

Q4) True or false: from October 1529 to November 1530, Thomas Wyatt was High Marshall of Calais?



Q5) During the Pilgrimage of Grace, Thomas Wyatt was charged with obtaining how many soldiers for the fight?





Q6) In 1537, Wyatt served as ambassador to...

Francis I


The Low Countries

Charles V

Q7) Which of these women was a mistress of Thomas Wyatt?

Anne Bassett

Elizabeth Darrell

Bess Holland

All of the above

Q8) Thomas Wyatt had a sister who lived until c. 1543, what was her married name?

Anne Burrow

Elizabeth Dudley

Katherine Leighton

Margaret Lee

Q9) How did Thomas Wyatt die?

From injuries caused in battle

From a fever



Q10) Where was Wyatt laid to rest?

Sherborne Abbey

Wells Cathedral

St George's Chapel, Windsor

York Minster

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Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder Quiz