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Informal live chat: Henry VIII, tyrant? – 13 January 2018

The iconic portrait of Henry VIII after Holbein

This month's informal live chat is on Saturday 13th January and the topic is Henry VIII - tyrant? Yes, we're discussing that iconic monarch and whether or not the label "tyrant" can be used to describe him. It should be a very interesting debate and I'm looking forward to it.

With our informal chats, we don't have an expert to 'grill', we just all bundle into the chatroom and have fun debating the topic for an hour. The moderator is just there to check that it runs smoothly, and to join the debate too. Feel free to share book recommendations, to pose questions, to share your views...

Here are the times in different time zones:

You can find the chatroom at It's really easy to join in, you just go to the chatroom at the scheduled time and type your question or comment into the text box and click on "send", or feel free to lurk! They're always good fun.

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