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Henry VII’s Court Entertainment

In today's Claire Chats video I look at two examples of court revels that took place in Henry VII's reign.

I mentioned my two-part talk on Court Masques and here are those videos:

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Further Reading

  • The primary source account of the revels to celebrate the wedding of Prince Arthur and Catherine of Aragon came from English pageantry: an historical outline by Robert Withington (1918), p. 113 onwards. You can read this online at
  • Court Revels 1485-1559 by W.R. Streitberger.
  • The Court Masque: A Study in the Relationship between Poetry and the Revels by Enid Welsford
  • Spectacle, Pageantry and Early Tudor Policy by Sydney Anglo
  • You can read about the pageantry associated with Catherine of Aragon entering London in The Chronicles of London at, p. 234 onwards.

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Henry VII’s Court Entertainment