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Tudor Society Advent Video 1 – 15

Here are daily short videos of Claire Ridgway in the build-up to Christmas. Each day Claire will be going live on Facebook and we'll put those videos here too. Just a little Tudor Christmas fun each day.

15 December - A Tudor Quiz

(and HERE are the answers: CLICK HERE)

14 December - Strange Tudor Deaths

13 December - Drake's Drum

12 December - Thomas Tusser

11 December - All about names

10 December - The Bisley Boy Legend

9 December - History Mystery Book Recommendations

8 December - Immaculate Conception / Mary, Queen of Scots

7 December - Lord Darnley

6 December - The Feast of St. Nicholas

5 December - Tudor Medicine

4 December - Gunpowder and Catholics in Elizabeth I's Reign

3 December - Henry VIII's Glasses

2 December - Henry VIII's change

1 December - Father Briant

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  1. A

    Love these! Thank you so much! I especially liked the one about the change in Henry. The latter description fits our current president, sadly. But England survived Henry, so maybe we’ll survive, too. lThank you!

    1. C

      Thank you, Anne, I’m so glad you like them and thank you for taking time to comment. Yes, allow that to give you some hope!

  2. S

    Nice informative videos. I have spent many happy family days at Temple Newsham gardens and each and every Thursday for 4 years years did the three hours School Country run around Temple Newsham grounds.I once stayed very late in Temple Newsham House in the hope of seeing the lady ghost who supposedly walks the corridors! It was quite scary with many unusual noises with a cold weird atmosphere . Now that I know all about Lord Darnley, I think many of the noises we heard that night probably came from him. Not a very nice character for such a beautiful house.
    Keep up the good work and wishing you both a Merry Christmas🎄🧚‍♀️

  3. S

    😊😊😊 Doug & I are in stitches with your Medical history from the Tudor times! They were very adventurous and not surprised many died!
    Wonderful! Let us have more 🤣🤣

  4. S

    Oooops The page zoomed off during my comment on Tudor Medicine.
    As funny as some of the remedies were, they did know quite a lot of good medical treatments which we do not get to hear about and I wonder do you know of a book with such information?
    Thank you 🧚‍♀️👋🧚‍♀️

  5. S

    A good evening to you….have..SO…enjoyed the daily Advent Calendar posts….loved the post on the french ambassador, mystery novels (a new nook book and kindle book await my parusal ….is that how one spells it..?……perusal….well a good go through with a lovely steamy beverage, curled up on the couch under cover…), and yes I DO required spectacles too (wink), December 1 was abit of a flash of dourness however relevant to the times….ah..very informative about the Immaculate Conception…how far back it goes…in fact DID attend services on a Friday evening of all things…no day off however in the States…..looking to watch the others….THANK you….so very much…to the creative, informative…posts…OH and the inventory of Henry VIII is a hoot…good heavens, it would take ten life times to even begin to realize the usage of all those valubles…..perhaps all his “bulk” was just “stuff” he “stuffed” away in his doublet…hahaha. Hope you do not mind the humor….these are lovely and informative…two components of real entertainment….and real knowledge at the same time…Thank you again…please keep up your wonderful posts coming!….kind regards and a Merry Christmas…Shelley.

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Tudor Society Advent Video 1 – 15