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Elizabeth Tudor Quiz

How much do you know about Elizabeth Tudor, also known as Elizabeth I, Good Queen Bess, Gloriana and the Virgin Queen?

Well, you can test your knowledge with this fun quiz. Grab your favourite beverage, get comfy and get that brain working! Good luck!

Elizabeth Tudor Quiz

Q1) Elizabeth Tudor was born at Greenwich Palace on the 7th of September 1533. Which of the following people was not born at Greenwich?

Henry VIII

Edward VI

Mary I

Lady Jane Grey

Q2) How old was Elizabeth when she was assigned her own household at Hatfield?


3 months


18 months

Q3) According to legend, upon hearing of Thomas Seymour's execution, Elizabeth said which of the following?

Today has died a man with many demons

Good riddance, that man was nothing but trouble

This day died a man of much wit and very little judgement

God rest his troubled soul

Q4) Where was Elizabeth sent after being discovered in an embrace with Thomas Seymour?





Q5) Elizabeth and her cousin Lettice Knollys had many things in common. Which of the following did they not have in common?

Hair colour

Being excellent horsewomen

Enjoying the hunt

Enjoying cooking

Q6) True or False: The 2nd Earl of Essex was the son of Lettice Knollys and Robert Dudley?



Q7) In 1588, there was a huge demand from her subjects to display the queen's image as an act of patriotism. Why?

Her excommunication

The threat of the Armada

The Babington Plot

None of the above

Q8) How old was Queen Elizabeth when the 'Ditchley Portrait" was painted of her?





Q9) Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, stated the Elizabeth told him that she would never marry when she was how old?





Q10) This person who played a very important role in Elizabeth's life died in 1565, who was it?

Robert Dudley

Margaret Bryan

Katherine Ashley

William Cecil

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  1. T

    I love these quizzes!

  2. R

    One question, how could Elizabeth tell Robert Dudley she would never marry when she was eight as she didn’t know him then?

    1. C - Post Author

      It’s one of those legends.

      1. R

        Yes, thought it was. However, if I was eight and had seen my mum beheaded by my father when I was three, then had lost three more step mothers, one most recently, a young woman in Katherine Howard, I would probably give up on marriage as well. It is certainly plausible that Elizabeth made a decision at about this time, even if a legend has put Sweet Robin into an impossible mix.

        1. C - Post Author

          Yes, it would rather put you off!

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Elizabeth Tudor Quiz