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Edward VI Quiz

This week's quiz is on King Edward VI - good luck!

Edward VI

Q1) In which month was Edward VI born?





Q2) Edward VI was the son of Henry VIII but which of Henry's wives was his mother?

Anne Boleyn

Catherine of Aragon

Jane Seymour

Catherine Parr

Q3) Where was Edward born?

Hampton Court Palace

Richmond Palace

Greenwich Palace

Eltham Palace

Q4) Who was Edward's godmother?

Catherine Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk

Anne Stanhope, wife of Edward Seymour

Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury

His half-sister Mary (Mary I)

Q5) How old was Edward when he became king?





Q6) The 1543 Treaty of Greenwich betrothed Edward to ...

Lady Jane Grey

Catherine Vasa of Sweden

Mary, Queen of Scots

Elisabeth of Valois

Q7) Who held the position of Lord Protector in Edward VI's reign?

John Dudley

Thomas Seymour

Anthony Denny

Edward Seymour

Q8) Social unrest in 1548 and 1549 are seen as leading to Edward Seymour's rule as Lord Protector. What were the two main rebellions?

Prayer Book Rebellion and Kett's Rebellion

Pilgrimage of Grace and Wyatt's Rebellion

Rising of the North and the Cornish Rebellion

Essex Rebellion and Oxfordshire Rebellion

Q9) After Edward Seymour's downfall, John Dudley rose as the most important political figure in the country. He ruled the country on Edward's behalf as...

Lord Protector

The King's Hand

Lord President of the Council and Great Steward of the King’s Household

Lord Chancellor

Q10) Who did Edward VI choose as his successor in the final version of his "Devise for the Succession"?

Lady Jane Grey

Frances Brandon

His half-sister Mary

His half-sister Elizabeth

Q11) How old was Edward when he died?





Q12) What famous religious book was introduced in Edward's reign, in 1549?

The Great Bible

The Book of Common Prayer

William Tyndale's New Testament

The Bishop's Bible

Q13) Where is Edward VI buried?

St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle

Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula, Tower of London

Winchester Cathedral

Westminster Abbey

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  1. L

    Edward was not quite 15 when he died. His 15th birthday was until October, and he died in July.

    1. C - Post Author

      Hi Lorna, he was 15 when he died because he was born in October 1537 and died in July 1553. He would have turned 16 in the October. 🙂

  2. D

    ooh surprized myself there…knew more than I thought I did, 🙂

  3. L

    Yes You are right Claire. I must have been thinking of someone else. Terribly sad really as I personally think if given more of chance to prove himself, his reign might have panned out nicely.

    1. L

      How I could have been thinking about someone else, when it is a Quiz about Edward V1, is anyone’s guess?

      1. D

        it’s an age thing Lorna…. 🙂 so I’m told every other day!! lol

  4. S

    I did very well for once.Yay me! Yes, its an age thing. Happens to me more often than not.

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