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Elizabeth I Books

Recommended reading on Elizabeth I:

  • Elizabeth, The Queen, Alison Weir
  • Elizabeth I, Anne Somerset
  • Elizabeth I, Alison Plowden
  • Elizabeth: Apprenticeship, David Starkey
  • Elizabeth I, David Loades
  • Elizabeth and Leicester, Sarah Gristwood
  • Elizabeth's Women: The Hidden Story of the Virgin Queen, Tracy Borman
  • The Watchers: A Secret History of the Reign of Elizabeth I, Stephen Alford
  • Elizabeth I, Richard Rex
  • Elizabeth I and Religion 1558-1603, Susan Doran
  • Elizabeth's Bedfellows: An Intimate History of the Queen's Court, Anna Whitelock
  • Elizabeth I, Judith M. Richards
  • Elizabeth I: Collected Works, ed. Leah Marcus
  • Elizabeth I & Her People, Tarnya Cooper and Jane Eade
  • Elizabeth: Renaissance Prince, Lisa Hilton
  • Blood, Fire and Gold: The story of Elizabeth I and Catherine de Medici, Estelle Paranque
  • Elizabeth I and Her Circle, Susan Doran

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  1. J

    I have read the Weir, Somerset Plowden, and Starkey studies of my favorite English monarch, Elizabeth I. Thanks to this list, I will now investigate the other books on this list.

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Elizabeth I Books