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Edward Seymour or John Dudley

As we're coming up to the anniversary of King Edward VI's death on 6th July 1553, I thought I'd test your knowledge of the two men who led his government: Edward Seymour and John Dudley.

How much do you know about these two Tudor men?

Get those little grey cells working with this fun quiz on Edward Seymour and John Dudley.


#1. His mother was Elizabeth Grey, daughter of Edward Grey, first Baron Lisle.

#2. His father was executed in 1510.

#3. He was married twice.

#4. His stepfather was Arthur Plantagenet, illegitimate son of Edward IV.

#5. He served as a page of honour to Henry VIII's sister, Mary, at her marriage to Louis XII of France.

#6. He was appointed a vice-admiral in 1537 to keep the narrow seas.

#7. One of his titles was Viscount Beauchamp of Hache, Somerset.

#8. He led troops at the Battle of Pinkie and was victorious.

#9. He was victorious at the Battle of Dussindale in August 1549.

#10. Led Edward VI's government as Lord President of the Privy Council.

#11. He was married to Anne Stanhope.

#12. He was executed on 22nd August 1553.


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Edward Seymour or John Dudley