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Did medieval and Tudor people believe in ghosts?

As this weekend is Hallowtide, I thought I'd explore the topic of ghosts and look at what medieval and Tudor people thought about them.

You can read the Byland Abbey Ghost Stories at, in their original Latin or translated into English. They are a very interesting read.

Here are some other resources on ghosts, Halloween and Hallowtide...

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  1. R

    I Know we shouldn’t laugh at the poor lady whom he was going to try and blind, nasty man but the idea of him visiting his concubine after death is quite funny. No wonder he ended up in purgatory, naughty man.
    I was actually thinking you might have said they invited them in for a cuppa as they seem to have been at home with the spirits, although a bad one would not be very good.

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Did medieval and Tudor people believe in ghosts?