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Horrible Hauntings

Do you believe in ghosts? I'm not sure, but I do love a good ghost story and there are lots involving Tudor personalities and places. As it's coming up to Halloween, I thought I'd share a few. Please do share ones you've heard too!

And here's Skeletor!

Hear some Tower of London ghost stories from a Yeoman Warder. He makes some mistakes with dates, but it’s an interesting video nevertheless:

You can hear some medieval ghost stories in another Claire Chats video - click here.

More ghost stories:

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  1. A

    Such an interesting video Claire!

    Now you either live in a haunted house yourself I Tim is messing with my head! Haha I felt really spooked at first thinking what those shadows were!

    1. C - Post Author

      Well, our house is over 300 years old so you just never know!

    2. A

      Just a little bit of spooky fun!

  2. R

    Personally I don’t believe in ghosts and find most stories dubious but it doesn’t stop me being fascinated by the stories themselves. Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard seem to roam around most old homes in England, even ones they have no connection with. Katherine Parr is meant to haunt Sudeley Castle and there are Grey and White Ladies galore. There are as many explanations for hauntings as there are hauntings.

    The memory of the people who live there and traumatic events which shape the history of place. The echo replays like a tape recorder and we see the memory of the past occasionally.

    Electric and radioactive activity may cause disturbances.

    Imagination or suggestion and our own brains playing tricks.

    Dust. So called globes are nothing but dust in the light, which is a scientific fact.

    The natural sound of an old building. Creaking staircase, boards and the wind in a stone tower.

    Fake news. Camera tricks.

    Sympathetic vibrations with a place or person can make us see or hear anything we wish to hear.

    The imagination of the people concerned.

    In grief we do see people we have loved, our memories are summoned and we see their very real images, not a ghost. This again is a scientific fact.

    If you have seen or known people who believe they have seen a ghost there are many explanations. However, there is one more you may consider, if you wish, ghosts may indeed be real.

    On the Eve of All Hallows the New Year of the Celtic people, the veil between the two worlds of the living and the dead was torn asunder and it was believed that the souls of the dead, loved ones and others could walk between worlds. It was also believed that the living could for a time cross into the underworld. A sacrifice was often needed, a blood sacrifice if a soul failed to return.

    The Romans and many from the ancient world believed in ghosts. The dead were laid to rest outside of the city walls or in catacombs or burnt because the dead got up at night and walked among the living, as casually as someone going out to the pub. (Going to the pub also
    may explain some sightings) The dead would literally visit the places from life, so may knock on your door and come in. A traumatised soul may be stuck between worlds and seek revenge.

    If someone died from suicide it was believed that they could rise again. It was traditional to bury them at a crossroads and remove their head, then stake them down, a ritual practiced in England legally until about 1860, even in cities.

    People dug up still decomposing have been thought to be vampires because they are red and bloated.

    In South America the Day of the Dead is celebrated by going to grave yards with the entire community and having a party with the ancestors. There is music and dance and a good time.

    On All Souls we pray for the dead loved ones and light a candle and have a Mass. We feel connected because of this, we hope to see them in the next life, hoping they are at peace.

    Have a good evening. Hopefully, no haunting tonite. Sleep tight.

  3. R

    Of course, the haunting of the Tower can easily be explained by the many executions and traumatic events there and we expect to see ghosts because of our sympathetic vibes for this place.

  4. L

    Did you make this video in the White Tower?
    …Just asking…

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Horrible Hauntings