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Deal Castle with Julian Humphrys

In our brand-new feature, Julian Humphrys will be sharing information about battles, warfare and castles. This video takes us to Deal Castle in Kent, a fortification which did its job as it never saw much action!

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  1. S

    This is wonderful. I had the pleasure of touring Deal Castle when I hiked the Kent Coast Trail. One of 5 castles I saw on that hike. Happy stuff. Deal was a welcomed stop for rest and sightseeing. Thanks for this. Stan G (NYC, US)

  2. M

    Thank you for an interesting tour of Deal Castle. I enjoyed hearing about it and found it interesting. I appreciate it. Michelle t

  3. J

    I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was only after I’d finished blundering around in the dark that I remembered I had a flashlight on my mobile phone!

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Deal Castle with Julian Humphrys