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Building work at Greenwich Palace 1532-1533

In today's Claire Chats video I share with you my latest book buy - a transcript of building work that was carried out at Greenwich Palace (The Palace of Placentia) between September 1532, after Anne Boleyn had become Marquis of Pembroke, and September 1533, after she'd become queen and given birth to her daughter, Elizabeth I, at the palace.

Book details - Building Work at Placentia 1532-1533 by J W Kirby, reprinted from the Transactions of the Greenwich and Lewisham Antiquarium Society, Volume V, no. 1, 1957.

In the video I mention my Claire Chats video on Lady Margaret Beaufort's "Ordinances" - click here to view that video.

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  1. L

    Thanks Claire for sharing these very interesting details! It is unfortunate that it is no longer around today for us to see, but certainly confirms how highly Henry regarded Anne during this time…

    1. C - Post Author

      Yes, it’s such a shame that it’s all gone.

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Building work at Greenwich Palace 1532-1533