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Anne Boleyn’s Fall Quiz

I'm sure you will have seen my posts counting down to Anne Boleyn's execution over on our sister site, The Anne Boleyn Files, so here's a chance to test your knowledge.

Anne Boleyn's Fall

Q1) Who was the first person to be arrested in the coup against the Queen?

Mark Smeaton

Henry Norris

Francis Weston

George Boleyn

Q2) Mark Smeaton was taken to a property owned by Thomas Cromwell for questioning. Where was this house?

Austin Friars




Q3) Which of the men arrested and charged with adultery with the Queen was actually questioned by Henry VIII?

Francis Weston

George Boleyn

William Brereton

Henry Norris

Q4) What was the Queen said to be doing on 2nd May 1536 when she received a message saying that she had to present herself before the Privy Council?

Playing tennis

Watching tennis


Playing cards

Q5) Where was Anne Boleyn imprisoned at the Tower of London?

The Bell Tower

The Beauchamp Tower

The royal apartments

The Queen's House overlooking Tower Green

Q6) Who wrote to the King after hearing news of Anne Boleyn's arrest, saying "I am clean amazed, for I had never better opinion of woman."?

Thomas Cranmer

Lord Lisle

William Latymer

Thomas Boleyn

Q7) Two men were arrested during Anne Boleyn's fall but were never tried and were eventually released. One of them was Thomas Wyatt the Elder, who was the other?

Francis Bryan

Richard Page

Richard Pace

Nicholas Carew

Q8) The charges against Anne Boleyn included procuring her servants to be her lovers, seducing and committing adultery with Norris, Brereton, Weston and Smeaton, committing incest with her brother, and .....

Misprision of treason


Conspiring to kill the King


Q9) How many of men pleaded guilty?





Q10) Who acted as Lord High Steward at the trials of Anne and George Boleyn on 15th May 1536?

Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey

Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk

William Fitzwilliam, Earl of Southampton

Q11) Where were the men beheaded on 17th May 1536?

Tower of London

Tower Hill



Q12) In her last days, Anne asked Sir William Kingston to be present while she took the sacrament. How many times did she swear on the sacrament that she had not been unfaithful to the King?


Three times

She didn't.


Q13) On what date was Anne Boleyn executed?

18 May 1536

17 May 1536

19 May 1536

15 May 1536

Q14) On what date did Henry VIII become officially betrothed to Jane Seymour?

20 May 1536

19 May 1536

30 May 1536

22 May 1536

Q15) Who woke up in the early hours of 19th May from a nightmare about the Queen's severed neck in which he “could count the nerves, the veins, and the arteries”?

Thomas Cranmer

Thomas Cromwell

William Latymer

Alexander Alesius

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  1. A

    11/15 … and as Claire (Ridgway’s) husband I should probably have done better. I’m quite pleased with my result though 🙂

    1. C - Post Author

      Proof that indoctrination does indeed work!

  2. J

    The best I’ve done on any of Claire’s quizzes – 14/15. Very interesting questions!

    1. C - Post Author

      Well done James!

  3. l

    Wow 11 out of 15, thats my best result so far. Love the quizes really good fun.

  4. L

    Getting better

  5. L

    15/15 good quiz

  6. S

    15/15 YAY!

  7. e

    I never seem to be able to remember dates!! And sometimes get confused with names, but thanks to Tudor Society I am improving….thanks

  8. J

    Got 15/15

  9. M

    Can the quizzes be printed on my computer for my own use (and to make it easier on my eyes?)

    1. A

      Hi MaryJane,

      I don’t think there is a way to print our on line quizzes as they are an interactive thing with the answers dynamically on the screen (Claire tries to have some fun with her answers!) so I don’t think this is something we can do. Sorry!

  10. T

    Had to think on Q.2 lol

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Anne Boleyn’s Fall Quiz