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Tower of London Quiz

The Tower of London, or Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress, as it is officially called, is famous for being the site of much bloodshed and for being the prison of many hundreds, if not thousands, of people since it was first built, but how much do you know about it?

Tower of London Quiz

Q1) In which century was the Tower of London first built?





Q2) The Tower of London has had many roles throughout its history, including fortress, prison, royal palace, place of execution, resting place, jewel house and ...




all of the above

Q3) What filled the Tower moat in 2014?



Sculptures of animals that once made up the menagerie


Q4) The Tower has two chapels, St Peter ad Vincula and ...

St John's

St James's

St Dunstan's

St Andrew's

Q5) In what year did the last execution take place at the Tower of London?





Q6) Which of the following was not executed at the Tower of London?

Robert Devereux

Margaret Pole

Lady Jane Grey

Thomas More

Q7) The Tower's ravens are known as "the guardians of the Tower" and according to legend "if the ravens leave the Tower, the kingdom will fall", but how many ravens are there in residence at the Tower of London?





Q8) Who described their torture at the Tower of London in the following words: "Because I lay still and did not cry, my Lord Chancellor and Master Rich took pains to rack me with their own hands till I was nigh dead… "

Mark Smeaton

James Bainham

Anne Askew

Edmund Campion

Q9) The Tower of London had a royal menagerie for over 600 years, which developed because monarchs received exotic animals as gifts. In 1603, the death of what sort of animal during Elizabeth I's final illness was seen as an omen that the queen would also die?

Polar bear




Q10) How many queens are buried in the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula at the Tower of London?





Q11) In whose reign was the royal mint moved to the Tower of London?

Henry III

Edward I

Edward II

King John

Q12) Which of the following monarchs died at the Tower of London?

Henry III

Charles I

Henry VI

Edward I

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  1. e

    10/12 and I get the raven question wrong!!!! Still not too shabby

  2. L

    Elizabeth of York (Henry 7th Queen) died in the tower too on her birthday 11th Feb.. Strangely it’s also my 2 cousins birthday and our wonderfull Benefactress’s birthday too.

  3. T

    I got the Raven questions wrong. However, the answer itself is not wrong. They have a set number on show to the public, which is the correct answer, but they do keep a few more spare! So both answers are correct 😉

  4. R

    Got the ravens question right, but the animal wrong. Well it is after 3 a.m.

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Tower of London Quiz