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A Discovery of Witches and Tudor History

In this week's Friday video, Claire talks about the All Souls trilogy of novels by Deborah Harkness, A Discovery of Witches, Shadow of Night and The Book of Life, and the TV adaptation.

How do these novels link to Tudor history? Find out more about them...

Here are trailers for the TV series:

Since recording my video, I've found these interviews and talks with Deborah Harkness - enjoy!

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    I am wild about the series and have devoured the entire second series, although I am re watching every week as well. I think I am a knowledge vampire as I devour knowledge. The first book was great and there is much more in it, but I haven’t read the others yet, until I watch the rest of the series. I love Alex Kingston as one of the American Aunts, but all of the actors, known and unknown are brilliant. Add a Game of Thrones Nights Watch commanding officer and off we go.

    I love the list of real historical characters brought together in the past, Matthew Clermont is Matthew Roydon, a real dark creature of William Cecil with Catholic sympathies, there is Elizabeth and Cecil, Mary Sydney, Dr John Dee, Emperor Rudolph ii and the Society of Night or Atheism themselves. Kit Marlow as a Demon is really interesting as well as quite weird and the costumes are highly well designed and the set they built of Blackfriars London is so realistic. A number of well known sites have been incorporated for locations and I am just loving it.

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    It was fantastic seeing how the original Saint Paul’s Cathedral would have looked, the Tudor Saint Paul’s and the place where Princess Katharine of Aragon married Prince Arthur in 1501.

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A Discovery of Witches and Tudor History