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24 January

On this day in Tudor history, 24th January 1536, King Henry suffered an accident while jousting at Greenwich. What happened and just how serious was it? Claire looks at the contemporary sources.

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Notes and Sources

  • Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 10, 427, Dr Ortiz to the Empress
  • Ibid., 200, Chapuys to Granvelle
  • Wriothesley, Charles (1875) A chronicle of England during the reigns of the Tudors, from A.D. 1485 to 1559, p. 33
  • de Carles, Lancelot, “Poème sur la Mort d’Anne Boleyn”, in La Grande Bretagne devant L’Opinion Française depuis la Guerre de Cent Ans jusqu’a la Fin du XVI Siècle, Georges Ascoli.

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  1. M

    Claire, I want to know…what’s on your book shelf behind you? How wonderful to live in a 300 year old house (forgetting the lack of central heat…And air…if course).

    I agree with you. I think his body, and health, took on a toll as he aged. And his near constant worry about his son, and the dynasty, turned him more and more into a tyrant. And yes, he certainly proved he could be brutal before that jousting incident. I think Anne’s miscarriage was a coincidence of timing. I think she certainly could have had that rh factor thing that inflicts some women after a first healthy pregnancy.
    Anyway, fascinating, as always. Thanks, Michelle t

    1. C - Post Author

      That’s my non-history bookcase, you can see my history ones in my Claire Chats videos in the past. Our family enjoy the Redwall series by Brian Jacques, which are children’s stories but work for all ages. We love them. So there are lots of those books there and then various works of fiction. The white plaque you see is about Harry Potter, we’re also Potterheads!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed my video. We’ll never know for sure what happened and it’s fun debating it. Yes, I think her miscarriage was a sad coincidence.

  2. M

    I really love my membership! I love to be able to talk about the Tudors and not get blank stares, or worse, glassy eyed smiles😂. Oh, Harry Potter! That’s another favorite!!

    1. C - Post Author

      I know exactly what you mean! Those glazed eyes!
      Do you know the Redwall books?

      1. M

        No, but I’m on a search for them as we speak (well, write…) It’s been a side hobby of mine to look for anything I can read, fiction and non fiction.

  3. M

    Claire, I have to admit that this video changed my mind on a long held belief that Henry was severely injured, and had sustained brain damage from this particular jousting accident. Somewhere along the way, I took that widely held scenario that is present in books and film (even in Wolf Hall), and assumed it was true. Thanks for doing the research. I used to use this injury, and possible brain damage, as a way to explain Henry’s impetuous and vindictive behavior. I guess he really was just a vain, paranoid, spoiled jerk 😂

  4. L

    Margaret and Claire, I do agree with you both.. Entertainment sources always like to over-exaggerate these things, big surprise! but what really bothers me is that people have used this accident as an excuse for H8’s actions and why he acted so heartless to others.. when very likely, it was really his own personality and decisions that are to blame..

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24 January