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14 January 1559 – Elizabeth I’s Coronation Procession

On 14th January 1559, the eve of her coronation, Queen Elizabeth I processed from the Tower of London to Westminster in a cloth of gold covered litter carried by two mules.

Here are the main parts and pageants of the procession from Fenchurch onwards:

Elizabeth then departed Temple Bar heading towards Westminster. The shouting and crying of the people was described as similar to the noise of the ordinance which the Tower shot at her entrance into Tower Street earlier that day. The procession ended at Westminster in readiness for Elizabeth's coronation ceremony the next day in Westminster Abbey.

The procession was recorded for posterity in a pamphlet, The Quenes Maiesties Passage through the Citie of London to Westminster the Day before her Coronacion, which was printed on 23 January 1559, and Tudor Society members can enjoy my Claire Chats video on this primary source and Elizabeth's coronation procession - click here.

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