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William Shakespeare’s grave at Holy Trinity Church

As Philippa and I are visiting Holy Trinity Church, the resting place of William Shakespeare and members of his family, as part of the Discover the Tudors tour in September, I dug out the talk I did on it for the Tudor Society a couple of years ago. New members might not have had a chance to see it as the archives are huge, so here's the version Tim has just edited up for the tour. I hope you enjoy it.

You can find out all about the Discover the Tudors tour at I hope to meet some of you on it.

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    I briefly recall this video on Channel 4 looking at the grave which is rather odd as it’s actually the wrong length and the marking stones are odd as well. Of course this should be no surprise as the floor would have shifted after 400 years but the experts didn’t notice that. They don’t have permission to open the grave of Shakespeare so we were left wondering what was the point of the documentary as it wasn’t particularly interesting other than that. Shakespeare will be further over if the floor shifted but the question seemed to be if he was there at all or if only part of him was there. It was very odd.

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William Shakespeare’s grave at Holy Trinity Church