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The Wars of the Roses Quiz

The Tudors came to the throne of England following a time of instability and civil war, a time known as the Wars of the Roses. But how much do you know about the Wars of the Roses? Grab your favourite beverage and snack and let's get those little grey cells working! Good luck!

The Wars of the Roses

Q1) Which of these was used as a badge by members of the House of York?

The White Rose

The Falcon and Fetterlock

The Rose en Soleil

The White Lion

All of the above

Q2) The first proper open fighting was at this battle in 1455 - which battle was it?

First Battle of St Albans

Battle of Barnet

Battle of Hexham

Battle of Edgecote Moor

Q3) Which side was victorious at the First Battle of St Albans?

The Lancastrians

The Yorkists

Q4) Which of these men was killed at the Battle of Wakefield in 1460? Choose all that apply.

Henry VI

Edward of Westminster

Richard, Duke of York

Edmund, Earl of Rutland

Q5) Henry VI was King of England for two different periods of time due to him being deposed by the House of York - which two of these are correct?





Q6) Which of these women was King Henry VI's wife?

Isabella of France

Anne Neville

Margaret of Anjou

Cecily Neville

Q7) Although the Battle of Bosworth saw the defeat of Richard III and the accession of Henry VII, who united the Houses of York and Lancaster by marrying Elizabeth of York, which battle is actually considered the final battle of the Wars of the Roses?

Battle of Towton

Battle of Stoke Field

Battle of Tewkesbury

Battle of Barnet

Q8) Henry VI was timid, shy and mentally unstable, very unlike his father. Who was his father?

Henry V

Richard II

Edward III


Q9) For approximately how many years did Edward IV rule?

15 years

21 years

9 years

18 years

Q10) Which of these men was known as "the Kingmaker"?

Richard, Duke of York

Henry Beaufort

Richard Neville

William Hastings

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The Wars of the Roses Quiz